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Quick and Easy Setup:


Remove from box within 14 days of delivery to ensure product integrity and validate the warranty.

Unboxing step 1

Step 1

Unbox your product within 14 days of receiving it to maintain its integrity and warranty.

Unboxing step 2

Step 2

Safely cut the outer plastic bag, avoid using sharp objects to not damage the mattress. Dispose of the outer bag.

unboxing step 3

Step 3

Unroll the compressed mattress on your bed frame, platform, or any flat surface.

Unboxing step 5

Step 4

Carefully cut along the edges of the inner plastic bag and watch the mattress begin to decompress. Remove the plastic covering.

Unboxing step 5

Step 5

Allow 24-48 hours for your mattress to fully expand to its original shape and size.