Innovative Products on the Horizon from RoamRest

As the industry evolves, RoamRest stays ahead of the curve by expanding our mattress lines to fit the most popular vans on the road.

Overland Mattresses by RoamRest


The RoamRest Overland Mattress Collection!

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Ekko Mattress

EKKO RV Mattress

Compatible Replacement

  • Customize the individual firmness on both the driver and passenger sides
  • Our high-performance, low-profile foam mattress comes in two comfort options: Medium-Firm and Sof
  • The Center section on all EKKO mattresses is our Soft comfort level
  • Contoured corners for a perfect fit
  • Foldable center section
  • Soft, breathable polyester blend stretch top fabric for an added layer of comfort
  • Fluid, abrasion, rip resistant and low-slip PVC coated polyester sides and bottom fabric
  • Easily cleaned with mild soap and water
Now available!
top left corner of the Revel

RoamRest Jayco Terrain

Compatible Replacement

Discover luxurious sleep and ultimate comfort on the road with the Jayco Terrain replacement mattress. Its 5″ thickness, combined with a four (Medium-Firm) or three (Soft) layered foam design, delivers restful relaxation for everyone’s sleeper type – whether you prefer supportive firmness or plush softness to keep your body temperature balanced while drifting off. With its “soft-to-the touch” fabric covering, enjoy unparalleled night time bliss every journey!

Now Available!
  • 5” thick high performance/ low profile foam mattress, available in 2 comfort levels
  • Updated design extends bolster mattress into the flares
  • Velcro on the bolster
  • Incorporating Jayco’s original curved edge design means no gaps or inconsistencies
  • Water and abrasion resistant soft polyester top fabric and low-slip nylon coated side fabric for easy cleaning
RoamRest Storyteller Mattress topper

Storyteller Folding Mattress Topper

Our exclusively-designed Storyteller Mattress Topper is a soft foam layer that fits securely on top of any Storyteller mattress. This ultra-plush topper offers the perfect combination of comfort and design. Upgrade your sleep experience today!

NOW available!
Pathways DIY no fold mattress

Pathway No-Fold
DIY Mattress

This innovative design streamlines the assembly process, taking the hassle out of DIY projects – no experience required. Plus, multiple size options make it possible to easily fit on most bed platforms. 

NOW available!
RoamChucks storage


Exclusive design by RoamRest! Our latest innovation separates the wing and flare portions of the mattress. This means you can easily stow away your Storyteller mattress, just fold the wings and store them in the flare space!

now standard with storyteller mattress!

RuffRoost Dog Bed

Designed with love for our furry friends, the RuffRoost pet mattress provides the ultimate support and comfort to keep your pets feeling cozy and well-rested. Whether you have a small lap dog or a big lovable Labrador, the RuffRoost gives your pet the perfect spot to relax and snooze. 



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