RoamRest Pioneer Overland Mattress

Starting At: $485

Gear up for unforgettable adventures with the Pioneer Overland Mattress – made for resting on the rugged trails and serene landscapes that await you. Customize your mattress by creating the size that best fits your Rooftop Tent, Popup Camper, Trailer, or Overland sleep system! Designed with:

  • 4″ thick high performance/ low profile foam mattress:
    • 1″ soft conforming foam top layer
    • 1″ Cool Gel Memory Foam
    • 1″ performance support foam
    • 1″ supportive firm foam base layer
  • All around water and abrasion resistant
  • Soft polyester top fabric
  • Low-slip polyurethane coated nylon fabric sides and bottom
  • Removable, easy to clean covers

Sizing Notice:

  • Bi-Folds can be configured to fold across either the width or the length, incorporating a zipper to divide the mattress in half
  • Bi-Folds will have two panels, each 50% of the total width/ length
  • Please note, an additional 1/2″ should be accounted for to accommodate the zipper

Ready for Better Sleep Under the Stars? Add the Pioneer Overland Mattress to your cart and invest in the comfort that lasts season after season.

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Width Fold
Please input the total length of your mattress in inches (Bi-Folds will have two panels, each 50% of this size)
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