All New From RoamRest: Overland Pioneer & Scout!

At RoamRest, we strive to provide the best rest possible for our customers. Our hand-crafted Overland, Van and RV mattresses are designed with the adventurer in mind and assembled with the utmost care.

We use only the best materials, such as breathable foam layers, high-density support cores, and durable fabrics. Plus, each mattress is made to order and built with quality construction so that you can have the best rest possible while on the road.

RoamRest is committed to providing a comfortable and supportive camper van mattress that will last for years to come. Order yours today and experience the best rest possible!

RoamRest Overland Pioneer

Overland Pioneer Foam

High performance/low profile foam mattress:

  • Soft conforming foam top layer
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • Performance support foam
  • Supportive firm foam base layer

Soft polyester top fabric:

  • Water and abrasion resistant

Polyurethane coated nylon fabric sides and bottom:

  • Low-slip, fluid, abrasion, and rip resistant

Easily cleaned with soap and water

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RoamRest Overland Scout

Overland Scout

High performance/low profile foam mattress:

  • Conforming foam top layer
  • Supportive firm foam base layer

Nymed™ rugged nylon top & side cover:

  • Flame resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Anti-static
  • Non-allergenic, non-irritating, and Latex free

Polyurethane coated nylon bottom fabric:

  • Low-slip, fluid, abrasion, and rip resistant

Easily cleaned with soap and water

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Ultimate Comfort

Experience best rest with a RoamRest foam mattress! Our innovated designs provide a high-performance sleep experience while remaining low profile. Customize your comfort level with the Overland Pioneer, equipped with Cool Gel Memory Foam, or the Overland Scout, which guarantees maximum comfort while maintaining support.

Design & Fitment

Discover the ultimate in sleep comfort with our premium mattresses, crafted with exceptional attention to detail and skilled construction techniques. Choosing from a range of popular sizes or a custom-fit option, you’ll find the best mattress for your adventure needs.


Using top-quality fabrics, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear from frequent use. Our top fabrics are made for maximum durability, are water and abrasion resistant and have a fantastic feel. Plus, the low-slip bottom material will keep the mattress securely in place, so you can enjoy uninterrupted rest. And when it comes to cleaning, simply unzip the covers, and use a light soap solution to wash them by hand. Air dry the fabrics afterwards for best results.


Overland Pioneer


Overland Scout

Introducing the game-changing low-profile Pioneer & Scout mattresses, designed for ultimate comfort and convenience on your adventures. Sign up now to keep informed on new products, updates and events.

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• Flat
• Bi-Fold by Length 
• Bi-Fold by Width 


• Rooftop Tent
• Popup Camper
• Truck Camper
• Conversion Van
• Off Road Recreational Vehicles
• Trailers
• Motorhomes


At RoamRest, we’re experts in crafting replacement mattresses that fit the most common sleep spaces in the Overland community.

We can also handmake custom mattresses to suit your exact specifications!