Experience the ultimate in quality and comfort with RoamRest

We know that every van is unique, that’s why we offer a range of options designed to bring you the same exceptional mattress technology we’re known for. No matter your needs, rest assured that your customers can enjoy the best sleep possible.

Comfort Solutions

For our basic build solution, we offer customizable features such as custom angles, notches, and even foldable designs. We start by using your bed platform measurements and combine them with our premium materials. Our top fabric is a soft polyester that is water-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the low-slip nylon coated side and bottom fabric. And when it comes to comfort, you can choose between our Medium-Firm and Soft options:

Medium-Firm Comfort Level

5” – 4 Layered Ultimate Formula Polyurethane Foam:

  • Soft Cushioning Top Foam Layer
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam Top Layer
  • Performance Support Internal Layer
  • Supportive Foam Base

Soft Comfort Level

5” – 3 Layered Ultimate Formula Polyurethane Foam:

  • Soft Cushioning Top Foam Layer
  • Performance Support Internal Layer
  • Supportive Foam Base

Ecommerce Option

With our ecommerce option, we will provide you with the necessary information about our products. This includes their descriptions, specifications, photos, our purchase process, MAP pricing guidelines, and our credit application. Once established, simply list our RoamRest mattresses on your platform and let us take care of the rest.

This is a fantastic solution for expanding your product range without the need for additional storage or logistics. Plus, our high-quality mattresses are sure to enhance your brand’s reputation, driving up customer satisfaction and repeat business. With RoamRest, you not only gain a superior product to offer your customers, but also a trustworthy partner committed to your growth.

Custom Co-Branding*

For those that want an even more unique mattress  experience, we offer a custom co-branding solution.  Here, we require unique foam layering which will be custom fit to the measurements of your bed platform. You can also select from a range of fabrics and colors to create the perfect mattress.

*Co-Branding requires monthly minimums.

Direct Shipping to You or Your Customers

We make the process even more effortless by offering shipping directly to you or your customers. After purchasing our hand-crafted RoamRest mattress, you can leave the logistics to us. Our reliable and timely shipping ensures that your customers get to enjoy the comfort and quality of our mattresses without any hassle.

Partner FAQs


Need to verify licensed business (LLC, SSL, etc.?) to qualify for wholesale pricing.

Prototyping cost for initial designing process on each part number/product at a one-time setup fee of $300

  • Accessory (e.g., Flare Fries, etc.) prototype pricing is included in “initial design process”
  • Accessories not included in the “initial design process” subject to individual pricing of $150

Initially determined by quantity sold annually/or by year-to-date via projections/forecasting.

BOM (Build of Materials) determines base and MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing before any wholesale pricing is applied. (This helps determine NAMC’s margins)

No more introductory 20% discount, unless part of a promotion, event, or like marketing/sales tactics (e.g., expos, sales performance, projected sales and forecasting, personal discretion by John or Shawna “Johna”, etc.)

Pricing review can be requested by either party after 6 months and will be based on quarterly sales.

Shipping cost will be added at time of invoicing based on zoning (need visual map for actual zones for visuals). This is also addressed in “Package & Ship” category.

If the products are delivered to be shipped by purchaser, delivery cost is determined by John and Shawna “Johna”.

Payment Terms

Credit application only given to companies with prospective larger PO’s.

  • NET 15 or NET 30 (determined by John and Shawna “Johna”)

Prepay for smaller orders (1-8 units?)

Clearly stated on all invoices

Payment performance review can be requested by either party after 6 months and will be based on payment history.

Please call form more information


  • White labeling (tier options), Co-branding (preferred, tier options), and RoamRest branding (preferred) available.
  • Tier options are as follows:
    • “Standard”: two-sided woven labels – No cost (e.g., FVC, RoamRest)
    • “Extra”: cost determined by scope of design and process (e.g., patches)
    • “Premium”: cost determined by scope of design and process (e.g., Adventure Wagon)
  • Design and setup: simplicity vs. complex determines cost, if any, and done in-house.
  • Standards and expectations will be set regarding any public associations with all company branding and marketing association efforts, to protect the interest of all parties, and their respective departments/personnel involved. (e.g., expo shows, customer service/sales, digital marketing, etc.).

Package & Ship

  • Will call and/or local delivery will be determined and stated clearly to set process standards and expectations (e.g., compressed in box, wrapped in plastic non-compressed, non-branded or white labeling boxes, delivery fee, fulfillment frequency, etc.).
  • Box will be none-branded with; open-by-date label, and unboxing instructions (placed inside the box).
  • Dropshipping requires packing slip to be provided by company upon receipt of individual order covered within existing blanket PO.
  • Shipping fees will be determined by national zoning (e.g., West, Mid-west, and East) and current shipping cost based on: weight and size of box.
  • Shipping cost will be added at time of invoicing based on zoning (need visual map for actual zones for visuals). This is also addressed in “Package & Ship” category.
  • If the products are delivered to be shipped by purchaser, delivery cost is determined by John and Shawna “Johna”.


Part Numbers & Product Names

  • Each party will generate their own internal part numbers for their own individual company’s ordering process.
  • Product names are independent of both companies, but can be pre-determined to be identical, if deemed important/preferred by both parties.
  • Part numbers and product names are for referencing/cohesion purposes among both company’s PO’s and invoicing processes. And to mitigate any confusion among all parties/personnel involved in the ordering process.

Marketing Materials

  • NAMC will provide the basic product information (e.g., general materials info, features & benefits, warranty info, cleaning and care instructions, unboxing instruction, open-by-date, etc.)
  • NAMC will not provide any proprietary, sensitive, or intellectual property information to any company. All provided information will be very generic (e.g., Winchester “black” = microfiber “gray”, PVC gray = canvas gray, etc.).
  • NAMC will not provide photoshoots for any products.

 (e.g., put it outside on the dirt and layout under the stars, put it on top of you van for a better view, etc.)? Our mattresses are designed to be used on bed platforms inside vans.

  • We can’t guarantee that our product holds up to sharp edges on a roof rack (e.g., metal burs, bolt heads, screws, etc.) or sharp rocks on the ground.

If outside of the “Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty”, all sales are final. No returns. Vendor can receive back and add to their inventory.

Order Process

This depends on whether NAMC is dropshipping, fulfilling rolling blanket PO’s, Will calling vs local delivery, etc.

  • Larger orders: NAMC will take blanket PO’s from customer based on: product demand, and any sales forecasting or projections for multiple months of sales. This will help to determine how to handle fulfillment frequency, stocking covers, lead times, shipping, etc.
  • Dropshipping: will require that NAMC receive a large blanket PO that then will be fulfilled at the rate of receiving the company’s individual customer orders. Once built and shipped, NAMC will send invoices for all fulfilled individual orders and expect payment at the determined payment terms.
  • Smaller: PO’s (1-8 units?) will be either prepaid at submission of PO, or paid determined by purchaser’s payment terms.

? (NAMC part #’s and purchaser’s part #’s, are product names identical, are descriptions identical, etc.)

Lead Times

  • They will be based on the current date’s lead time upon submission of PO’s.
  • Large blanket PO’s, NAMC will plan to stock a certain amount of product covers to shorten and mitigate longer lead times.
  • Smaller PO’s (1-8 units?) will be determined by the current date’s lead time up on submission of PO.
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